This Incredible Real Racing 3 Screenshot For the iPhone 5 Looks Better Than the Wii U

By Gana Alampalle on at

Great news iPhone gamers. EA's studio, Firemonkeys, has released an absolutely gorgeous-looking screenshot for its upcoming game, Real Racing 3, which was shown off during the Apple Keynote last night.

Running on the new A6 chip, which Apple claims is two-times faster than its predecessor, it seems the graphical brunt of the GPU is pretty damn impressive. It's even got dynamic reflections and shadowing seemingly on par with Xbox and PS3-like graphics.  If this screenshot and the previously released trailer are anything to go by, it'll be quite the showpiece, at the very least. Best get your chargers at the ready, because it's expected to hit the App Store later this month alongside the iPhone 5. [Twitter via UberGizmo]