This Mesmerising Tron-Like Video Is Actually All the Boris Bike Journeys Mapped in London

By Sam Gibbs on at

Data can look truly awesome, especially when it's Tron-ified. 5 million Boris Bike journeys across London were mapped and animated, creating this amazing visualisation that looks more like a fancy art installation than a map of tired commuters pedalling themselves into work.

It starts off looking a bit like a nebula, but then quickly morphs into a tangled mess of spaghetti, before the least travelled routes are allowed to fade out, leaving a trippy light-graffiti-like display. It shows that the most frequent bike journeys revolved around Hyde Park and King's Cross, as well as Waterloo heading for the City -- do bankers really hop on bikes?

Interestingly, the majority of journeys seem one-way, rather than return trips, which begs the question, how are people getting home? It's probably just because it's raining, so they're all taking the tube. Who knew trawling the pollution-strewn streets of London on bikes could be so beautiful. [New Scientist via Dvice]