Triggertrap Mobile: Bringing DSLR-Triggering Fun to Your Android Phone

By Gana Alampalle on at

We've covered Triggertrap back when it was in its infancy still, as a budding young Kickerstarter project. Since then, the developers have been hard at it, releasing a iOS app, and now a brand new Android counterpart, bringing all the functionalities of the standalone device, and more.


What does it do?


It allows the user to take advantage of their built in camera or SLR using their Android device with over 12 different triggering modes -- including time-lapse and long exposure HDR modes. You'll have to invest in a dongle bundle (around £19), to connect the phone to your camera, but for the amount of functionality and settings you get, it's well worth it.


Why we like it?


With so many triggers and features that are supplied in this package, the varying combinations of use are endless. Triggertrap have also upgraded the "Mobile Dongle" to version 2, making it a lot speedier and ensuring it works with more than 280 cameras. [Triggertrap]

Triggertrap is available for £2.99, on Android devices running 2.3 or above