US Airport Employee Caught Nicking iPad, Tracked Home and Busted

By Gary Cutlack on at

Security footage broadcast by US network ABC News shows exactly what you might expect to happen to unattended laptops and iPads left lying about in airports -- they get bagsied by employees and taken home. Perk of the job, right?

In typical US news style, a sting operation captured the above image of security employee Andy Ramirez picking up an abandoned iPad, which was then tracked and spotted heading off toward... the house of security officer Andy Ramirez. Ramirez blamed his wife for taking it, which was nice of him, but that wasn't enough to stop him getting fired from his job rather promptly.

The report also spoke with one other security officer, who was caught and jailed, telling reporters he'd stolen around £500,000 worth of items from airports and passenger luggage over a four year period, thanks to a regime where staff would tip each other off when overhead cameras were switched off so they could nick stuff without worry.

So if you're heading off to America, you might want to securely stash all your expensive gadgetry up your arse before setting off. [9to5Mac]