Valve Really Is Making a Steam Box After All

By Sam Gibbs on at

After all the rumours and denials, Valve's just posted a very interesting job listing, which basically confirms that it's getting into the gaming PC business. In fact, the listing actually says Valve's "frustrated by the lack of innovation in the computer hardware space" so it's "jumping in" itself -- you can't get much more of a confirmation that a "Steam Box" than that.

We don't know what kind of take Valve will have on the gaming PC, but I suspect it'll be along the lines of the Alienware X51 -- a console-like gaming PC that'll fit under your goggle box. Of course, with Steam presumably powering the system, it doesn't have to be a Windows box at all, but it's likely Valve will use a Windows base layer at the very least, just to maintain game compatibility.

Hopefully Valve can breathe new life into the less-than-mainstreaming PC gaming sector and allow me to get my hard-core or RTS gaming fix while playing from the comfort of my couch. [Valve via CVG]