Virgin Media Planning its Own 4G Service Using EE's Network

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Media might also be about to trump Vodafone, Three and O2 in launching a 4G network in the UK this year, with the mobile company said to be talking to EE about reselling its new 4G services under the Virgin brand.

Virgin Media is currently what's known as an MVNO, a pretend mobile provider that resells capacity on the T-Mobile and Orange networks under its own name, so you'd imagine it would be pretty simple for it to start reselling EE's 4G services under the Virgin name as well, whenever EE gets around to launching its LTE network in the UK.

Virgin's previously tested LTE on a small scale itself, hooking 4G radios into part of its existing cable network to provide some urban test zones, although news that it's planning to use EE's LTE network presumably means it out of the running in terms of actually entering the 4G auction itself and buying up some LTE spectrum. [MacWorld]