Virgin TV Anywhere is Virgin's Sky Go / iPlayer Streaming Service

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Media's the latest broadcaster to get in on the web-based telly delivery thing, with its forthcoming Virgin TV Anywhere bringing TV and video-on-demand to the web and mobile apps.

The service, which will be free to all Virgin TV users, will offer around 30 channels to web visitors, along with 2,000 hours of on-demand TV content. There will be a comprehensive EPG, plus the option to schedule recordings and spam your watching habits out to others through Facebook and Twitter.

If you happen to be a subscriber with a TiVo there will be additional tools to play with, with your home recordings able to be managed through the app and web site, plus the thumbs-up rating feature for fiddling with your listings will be in there, too.

The iPad app also integrates with a TiVo for management and use as a remote, plus it'll use gesture-based movements to control pausing, rewinding fast forward and the like. Virgin says the TV Anywhere app's initially for iOS, with other formats "to follow" at some point -- but not until next year.

The service has a vague launch date of "Autumn 2012" attached to it, which [looks at the state of the leaves on a nearby tree] could be any day now. [Virgin Media]