Vodafone Plans Daylight Robbery Over FaceTime and VoIP

By Jon Partridge on at

The network big dogs have released their plans and prices for the release of the iPhone 5, but one specific network provider is playing hardball with a handy new feature called FaceTime over 3G. In addition to some already pricey plans, if you're an existing customer, you may have to cough up some extra dosh, just to get your FaceTime on the go.

While all the other networks have confirmed that FaceTime over 3G will come out of a customer's data allowance, Vodafone on the other hand is a teeny bit more awkward. While new customers signing up for an iPhone 5 will get a so-called VoIP add-on bundled in, which will enable them to get their FaceTime on (or other VoIP like Skype) over the waves. According to The Verge, though, existing customers on plans and contracts before any iPhone 5 details were announced, will need to pony up an extra £10 per month to get their 3G FaceTime fix.

Not to worry if you were paying £40 per month or higher, however, as you will receive the add-on anyway free of charge. But for those who were a bit more budget-conscious when signing up to get their iPhone 4 or 4S from Vodafone, you'll be stuck paying an extra tenner  a month to get the VoIP magic, which also includes an extra 2GB of data. It really doesn't sound too brilliant, especially as the contract plans look pretty expensive already, not to mention customers will have to carry that price burden for 24 months.

With all the other major networks playing nice with FaceTime over 3G, why'd you have to be so awkwardly different, Vodafone? [Wired UK via The Verge]