Want Apple's Passbook on Your Android? Grab PassWallet While You Can

By Sam Gibbs on at

Love it or loathe it, now that Apple's launched a non-NFC-packing digital wallet for the iPhone, companies everywhere will jump to support it. Thankfully, if you're an Android user, you too can get in on the screen-based ticketing fun with a cheeky little app called PassWallet.

Basically, PassWallet can import the data files that Apple uses in its Passbook app on the iPhone. Companies will email you tickets in .pkpass files, which PassWallet will automatically import and display for you, just like Apple's app would on the iPhone. In fact you get all the fancy functionality of Passbook, without having to nuke your Google maps, unlike the poor iOS 6-using folk.

It may seem a little backwards, to go from the potential of Google Wallet, powered by NFC, to a QR code-based system, but it's still better than carrying all that crap around in your wallet, right? It's free, but I don’t know how long it'll last once Apple catches wind of it, so grab it while you can. [PassWallet via iDownloadBlog via LifeHacker]

Thanks Darrell!