Watch an Awesome Man in a Wheelchair Build a Helicopter From Trash

By Casey Chan on at

This short documentary by Tyler Bastian and Cameron Trejo is called Everything is Incredible and well, it's pretty freaking incredible. It's about a man named Agustín from Honduras who can't walk, lives in poverty, yet still wants to fulfil a dream: to fly. He spends his days making a helicopter from trash.

It's amazing, really. Spotted at This Is Colossal:

In 1958 he embarked on his life's work: the construction of a crude, custom-designed helicopter made completely from trash with the exception of a few pieces of rebar purchased from a hardware store. Even the chains he uses to power the propeller were forged by hand.

Agustín was diagnosed with polio early on in his life so he's been unable to walk for most of his years. You should watch the video, just to see one man's dedication in a seemingly hopeless cause. [Vimeo via Colossal]