Watch an iPhone 5 Get Blasted With Lasers

By Sam Gibbs on at

What's better than watching an iPhone 5 get blown to pieces by a 50cal sniper rifle? How about getting fried with frickin' lasers?

It took 5 super-powerful Spyder III Artics -- that's six whole-watts of focused-light power -- but, as you might expect, the lasers burnt a hole right into the screen. The iPhone 5 still worked though, so the next step was to light the sucker up with a beastly torch, which made quick work of the screen.

If I'm honest, the thing stood up better to the light abuse than I thought it would. Then again, anything cooked to 500 degrees-odd is going to cave eventually. Lasers are awesome, whichever way you slice it. [YouTube via SlashGear]