Wheelchair Morphs Into Bed, Claims Title of Ultimate Work-From-Home Accessory

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Transferring patients with limited mobility from a wheelchair to a bed could soon be an easier feat if Panasonic perfects this electric care bed it's been developing. It transforms from a wheelchair to a hospital bed so that patients don't ever have to actually be moved from one to the other. It's also an amazing accessory for telecommuters, and finally puts mankind on the road to the future predicted in Pixar's Wall-E.

A single operator is all that's needed to manoeuvre the chair into position and convert it from chair mode to bed mode, and it's currently being tested in nursing homes—which is a little disheartening to think that Panasonic uses the elderly as guinea pigs. But, with the potential to revolutionise the bedroom to office commute for those who work from home, we're glad the company is doing all it can to ensure this works as promised. [DigInfo TV]