Who Are the Inept Klutzes Who Photoshop Victoria's Secret Catalogues?

By Jesus Diaz on at

Hokai. So—let's assume that fashion companies must Photoshop their ads in the name of perfect aesthetics, traumatising women everywhere with their unrealistic ideas of what they should look like. Fine, do what you have to, fashion companies! But why don't you hire people who actually know what the hell they are doing, instead of using the incompetent morons you're currently employing?

Just check out the example above. That's Candice Swanepoel, in a photo from Victoria's Secret's latest catalogue. And unless Candice modifies each and every one of her photos to hide the fact that one -- and only one -- of her breasts is the size of a cantaloupe, it seems obvious that this image has been stupidly Photoshopped by some ham-handed operator working for the American lingerie company. Unless their Multi-Way Bras works asymmetrically, making one breast bigger than the other, that is. An unlikely scenario.

This is not the first time the lingerie company has retouched their models in their advertising. But when they have increased their models' bra cup size from B to C in the past, at least they increased both of them.

Oh well, perhaps it's ok that all these companies insist on hiring the klutziest butterfingered half-blind Photochop amateurs that they can find, not to mention idiot editors and marketing execs who sign off on this shit -- the more we draw attention to their mistakes, the more women (and men!) will be aware that the images they're confronted with daily come from a fantasy world. [Yodona—In Spanish]