You Can Now Pay For Things Using Your NFC-Equipped Galaxy S III In the UK (and Get Free Money too)

By Gana Alampalle on at

It might not be a full-blown Google Wallet, but as of tomorrow you'll be able to contactlessly pay for things using your Galaxy S III, thanks to Orange and Barclaycard's Quick Tap. All you need is a Galaxy S III; a MasterCard or Visa, and money in the bank, then you'll be able to fritter away your hard earned cash on everything from beer to gadgets.

Getting up and running seems to be pretty straightforward. From September 5th, S III owners can pre-load funds of up to £150 onto the Orange Quick Tap app, using any UK MasterCard, Visa debit or credit card. Retailers nationwide should be all-systems-go, in some 100,000 locations, for purchases of up to 20 of your British pounds without having to enter your PIN on a blasted machine.

The best thing is Orange is giving you free money too. New and upgrading Orange Samsung Galaxy S III customers who activate the service between September 5th and October 5th will receive a whole, free, £50 to spend on what they like. So, it'd be rude not to at least give it a test drive, right? In the meantime, check out the rather patronising video, just in case you're not familiar with how, err, tapping things on things works. [Orange 1, 2 via TechRadar]