Your Dumb iPad Picture Taking Is Keeping Real Photographers From Doing Their Jobs

By Leslie Horn on at

Here's a picture of Barack Obama campaigning in West Palm Beach, Florida yesterday. Except you can't even get a great look at the prez because of all the amateur idiots taking idiot pictures with their idiot tablets, getting in the way of the real professional photographers. This disruptive behavior has to stop.

Even Amazon—which has left back-facing cameras off of the Kindle Fire HD—agrees that snapping pics with your tablet is freaking stupid.

"We're pretty sure that if people want to take a picture, they have more than enough options, between their phones and everything else, that they don't need a camera on their tablet." Dave Limp, Vice President Amazon Kindle, told us last week.

So there you have it—this practice has crossed over from dumb to actively distracting and harmful and it should be shunned. Change we can believe in. [@emmacargo]

Image credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images