10 Best Design Websites to Add to Your Radar

By Jon Partridge on at
While our Design Week has been in full swing all this week, how about a look at some our favourite sites that eat and breath design 24/7? We've picked 10 of our favourites which manage to inspire, provoke thought, and give us a fantastic insight into the wonderful world of design, every single day. You're welcome.
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1.) SwissMiss
Curated by Tina Roth Eisenberg, SwissMiss is a design blog and studio which takes a fresh blend of her Swiss-influenced design tastes mixed with New York walks of life, and tales from the frontline of the many design conferences and events that she speaks at, or attends. [SwissMiss]


2.) Creative Bloq
Okay, okay, we might be a little bit biased considering Creative Bloq is published by the same guys who bring you Giz UK, but it is really hard not to be, when this site is just so brilliant anyway. Featuring inspiration, tips, tricks, and plenty of great features, Creative Bloq is definitely one to add to your bookmarks. [CreativeBloq]


3.) Veerle's Blog
We love the Duoh founder's blog which takes all sorts of graphic and web design; modern home design, as well as Belgian graphic design, and wraps it all together in a modern, refined design. Not just happy with delivering brilliant content, Veerle also has a whole host of tutorials on both visual and web design that you'd struggle to find better elsewhere. [Veerle's Blog]


4.) September Industry

Simple, refined, and definitely to the point, September Industry definitely isn't as gloomy as its monthly namesake. Instead, September Industry takes the word "quality" to heart and showcases exceptionally-crafted works that will definitely have you reaching for the pencil (or Photoshop). [Septembe rIndustry]


5.) MoCoLoco

Just as well-crafted as the work it showcases, MoCo Loco features modern, contemporary design; fantastic art; amazing architecture, and thought-provoking features from around the world. Not to mention some amazing products that have us pulling out our credit cards with desire... [MoCoLoco]


6.) HelloFreaks

French graphic design studio HelloFreaks specialises in clean yet wacky illustrations, wicked typography and strange designs that sparkle with colour and character, yet also are kinda weird too. The best kind, right? [Hellofreaks]


7.) SPD

The Society of Publication Designers showcases some of the best and most inspirational magazine covers that will get you itching to start your own. Bursting with design, even the site itself is a great sight for sore eyes. [SPD]


8.) DesignMilk

As I'm sure your parents made you have a glass of milk a day as a kid, we here at Giz UK urge you take a look at Design Milk for your daily dose of awesome furniture; the best in interior design; interesting house design and a hint of fashion and tech to boot too. [DesignMilk]


9.) Dezeen

London-based Dezeen has a simple mission: to bring the best in a careful selection of the best architecture, design and interior design, and we can't get enough of the site. Their watch shop is well-worth a rifle through, too. Enough said. [Dezeen]


10.) CoverJunkie

CoverJunkie is addicted to magazine covers, and celebrates the best of their design. If you need some inspiration for your next design, or even your next newsagency purchase, CoverJunkie is the place to go. [CoverJunkie]

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