10 Worst Photoshops of All Time

By Sam Scott on at

We live in the age of Photoshop, which means that we're all duped on a daily basis by images that belie reality. But occasionally, those that doctor the originals are so incompetent, that they leave body parts floating around the place, or simply stretch the truth beyond belief. We lined up our 10 favourite failed attempts at image enhancement for your viewing pleasure.


Invisible child actor wears plate on head

[Via webdesignerhelp]


The Father, the President and the Holy Ghost

[Via boredpanda]


Some botched handiwork from BBC Torchwood 

[Via allgraphicdesign]


Pull the other one!

[Via Hongkiat]


Wait, how many now?

[Via photoshopdisasters]


This expensive bicycle comes with magic 'hand-stand'

[Via designinstance]


Someone hasn't been drinking their milk!

[Via Boredpanda]


Timewarp BBQ found in African village

[Via psdisasters]


The Italian leader is loved by people and clones alike

[Via boredpanda]


And the world is laughing with you!

[Via iamclairehayes]

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