3D Wrist Sensor Plays Games, Zooms Phone Displays, Answers Calls and... Everything

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new form of wrist-mounted sensor might take the place of an entire multitude of existing controllers, with researches showing off a 3D gesture control system managed by little wrist sensor that tracks your hand and finger movements.

The tool, developed by teams at Newcastle University and Microsoft Research Cambridge, continuously tracks the movement of your hand in 3D, meaning you're able to grab, rotate, press and zoom things using natural hand and finger movements.

One solution lets you control a TV or games console (with the latter using "pointy fingers" as a gun!) without needing a line of sight to the device, plus it might let users answer their phones while they're still in their pockets, or even take the place of a mouse, with users pointing their fingers about to control a pointer.

Plus it looks like it'll be well handy for pretending to be Spider-Man. [Newcastle University via Telegraph]