64-Bit Smartphone CPUs Are Coming in 2014

By Adrian Covert on at

The Cortex A53 and A57 are ARM’s latest and greatest mobile chipset designs, another important leap in its quest to get its mobile chipsets closer in performance to desktop CPU.

Designed for single core or multi-core configurations, the products made from these designs will be the first mobile chipsets to support 64-bit processing. This puts ARM in a prime strategic spot as tablet devices are popping up with the intention of replacing a laptop.

Apple, Texas Instruments, NVIDIA, Samsung, and plenty of other companies use ARM’s reference designs for their own CPUs. While both are powerful, the A53 is designed with efficiency in mind, while the A57 is all about performance. The added power, along with ARM’s experience in optimising the power consumption of its chips could give the company an advantage over the likes of Intel, who is relatively new to the mobile CPU game. But don’t get too antsy: these things ain’t comin until 2014. [ARM]