A Couple's Wedding Photos Were Found Inside a Camera That Was Buried During an Earthquake

By Casey Chan on at

This is incredible. 18 months after an earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand and buried a just married couple's camera, the camera pops up on their driveway containing all the wedding pictures they thought they would never see again.

It's seriously amazing. Martin Burley and his wife Fen Jeremias were married on February 20th and when they came back from their honeymoon on February 22nd, the earthquake hit. While evacuating their home, Burley lost the camera which had over six months of photos—including pictures of their wedding and honeymoon. They thought the camera was gone forever. But it wasn't.

Burley thinks the recent bad weather in Christchurch "churned the driveway up" to reveal the camera. Though the camera was beat up (the driveway was waist-high in silt after the earthquake), Burley was able to recover 2.5 gigs worth of photos. Photos of his wedding. Awesome. Check out the full story at Stuff.nz. [Stuff.nz via PetaPixel, Image Credit: Don Scott/ Fairfax NZ]