A Kinect For Just £40 Is Your Dancing-Like-a-Prat-In-Your-Living-Room Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

A few days ago we urged you to buy an old-school Atari console, packed with 60 games, for the tiny price of just £17.00. We seriously regret that now -- it was a huge error.

For little more than double that outlay, you could have yourself a pre-owned Kinect for your Xbox 360, giving your gameplay a whole new dimension. Instead of unsuccessfully waggling an ancient, unresponsive joystick, you could instead be waving your arms around and as you frolic in some of the most state-of-the-art games ever imagined by a human mind. Yours for £40.00 -- is it too late to cancel the Atari order?


Today's Bonus Dealz...

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- Cineworld cinema tickets - £4.00 each or two for £8.00 per customer.
- £25 iTunes card – yours for £20.00
- uDraw tablet including Instant Artist (Xbox 360) – only £8.75.
- Halo Reach and Halo - Combat Evolved Anniversary - Double Pack (Xbox 360) - only £20.00.
- Seagate 500GB 2.5" portable hard drive – yours for £39.98.
- PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi LittleBigPlanet Bundle (includes 4GB memory card) – only £189 or £170 with voucher.
- HTC Desire X – just £176.39
- 50 SHEDS of Grey (Kindle) – only 74p.

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