AirPlay Speaker or Surround Sound System? With This Speaker, It's Your Choice

By Adrian Covert on at

You might live in a small flat now, and really only need a single wireless speaker to handle your music needs. But then you move into a bigger flat, with a big, beautiful TV and need more audio power. Instead of relegating your trusty AirPlay speaker to second-class status and starting ove on the audio front, you could take a speaker like UnMonday's 4.3L and repurpose it into a single satellite as part of a 5.1 dolby digital surround sound system.

And not only would the ceramic 4.3L system look beautiful, they'd also be smart. If you choose to build a surround system, you'd configure each speaker by positioning it onto a specific side. Each of the hexagonal sides corresponds to a different position in the room. Genius! Now how do we get these made IRL? [UnMonday]

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