Amazon Pushing Out New Kindles Around Europe With LoveFilm in Tow (Updated)

By Jon Partridge on at

As we've said before, today marks the day that Amazon is pushing out the brand-spanking new Kindle models across Europe and the UK, including the gorgeous Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. Who needs an iPad Mini anyway?

Amazon's own-brand video services, however, have not made the leap over the Atlantic, but we do instead get LoveFilm's instant video offering on the Fire models, as well as a free month's trial to those who get their mitts on the Fire or the Fire HD. The LoveFilm app will support the same features that the Americans have gotten used to, including Whispersync pause/resume across devices, watch list and X-Ray for Movies.

The Kindle Fire 8GB with Wi-Fi starts at £129 with Special Offers (£139 without), whilst the Fire HD starts at £159 for the 16GB with Special Offers (£169 without), and the 32GB model is priced at £199, again, with Special Offers (£209 without).

For those who like their Kindles a little more simple, the Paperwhite Wi-Fi is £109 and £169 with 3G. [Kindle Fire, Fire HD, Paperwhite, Cheers wraggster!]

Update: The Inquirer has spotted that the Paperwhite has been delayed, with the Wi-Fi only model stuck in limbo until November 30th and isn't expected to ship until the first week in December, whilst the 3G model has been pushed back 'til December 3rd. That definitely doesn't sound good for those who wanted one early to ensure that it's all wrapped up nicely in time for Christmas, and sounds even worse for those who wanted one now.

It's not clear if Amazon has simply shipped out all pre-orders of the device and has now ran out of Paperwhites, or if there has been any sort of supply issues, but a notice on the product page suggests that the retailer has seen unprecedented demand for the device, stating: "Due to popular demand, orders placed today will not ship immediately. Limited to two per customer."

We're not sure why shipping has been pushed back, but we'll keep you updated.

Update 2: It looks like the regular ol' Wi-Fi only Paperwhite model has also been pushed back to December 3rd. Fingers crossed you bag one in your stocking this Christmas.