Analogue Telly Finally Dies Today as Northern Ireland Kills Old Network and Ceefax

By Gary Cutlack on at

The long-running digital switchover saga will finally come to an end today, with a small pocket of elderly TV viewers who somehow didn't get the message left confused when Northern Ireland turns off its analogue TV transmitters.

This also means Northern Ireland is the last place in the country where it's still possible to access the remains of Ceefax, the 1970s text-only, one-way version of the internet, that was telling us the weather and giving us live football scores back when Tim Berners-Lee was still just a random nerd doing his A-Levels.

If you're in Northern Ireland and actually want to watch old telly die, the signal will be turned off at 11.30pm tonight, making way so that a new generation of kids can watch high definition Jason Statham films on their telephones for £56 a month in their bedrooms instead. God help us.

The momentous end will be marked by the BBC and local ITV franchise UTV co-broadcasting a live event, presented by Eamonn Holmes, with Dame Mary Peters given the job of switching off the main Belfast transmitter. [BBC]

Image credit: Vintage TV from Shutterstock