Anonymous and Wikileaks in Lover's Tiff Over Partial Paywall

By Gary Cutlack on at

Members of the Anonymous hacking team and Wikileaks have taken to slagging each other off on Twitter, with the hackers angry that part of Wikileaks' content is now hidden behind a semi-restrictive software paywall.

The leak site has restricted access to its Global Information Files, although it's not like you need to start paying £6 a month for access. Wikileaks is asking users to tweet, share, donate or simply wait (while watching a YouTube video) for access to requested material, a bit like the annoying systems put in place by the world's numerous file sharing sites.

Anonymous doesn't like it at all, though, suggesting Wikileaks changes this policy or risks losing its few remaining friends, also hopefully requesting Wikileaks might "die in a fire" due to this minor change. [TNW]