Apple's New iMacs Are More Tease Than Reality

By Jon Partridge on at

It looks like the thinness of Apple's latest iteration of their highly desirable all-in-one isn't the only potential problem for consumers, as, well, there are currently none to buy, nor is the company taking any pre-orders for the svelte machines. Not just that -- Apple has also pulled the previous generation from the store too. Erk.

Apple's online store shows both brand-spanking new models of the iMac as shipping in November and December, each respective for the 21.5-inch and 27-inch flavours, yet there is no pre-order button, and only a triangular 'Coming Soon' label slapped on the product information page. Currently, there's no way to pre-order a new machine, and even calling Apple's sales department comes up with nothing. According to Computerworld, the new iMacs are not yet in Apple's internal sales system, meaning no pre-orders can be taken, nor did a representative know when they would start.

Currently the only way for consumers to purchase an iMac from Apple's website is to go the refurbished route and buy an older system. Those who really can't wait for any kind of iMac with an Apple store or Authorised Reseller nearby might have better luck in person, as some stores are likely to have some older stock in their inventory.

That said, who knows why the new model is currently in a state of limbo; perhaps there are supply problems in the chain? Maybe the new screen is causing some delays in the manufacturing process? Looks like we'll just have to play the waiting game. Are any of you itching to get your hands on some ultra-skinny iMac loving? Sound off below, and let us know your thoughts. [Macworld UK]