Automate Your UK Kickstarter Appeals with Brikstarter's 3D Print and Design School

By Gary Cutlack on at

Brikstarter is a new UK start-up designed to help you pitch your project on the freshly launched UK version of crowd-funding phenomenon Kickstarter, offering to manage, prototype and generally handle all the complicated stuff about getting your funding request online.

Brikstarter calls itself an "integrated Kickstarter design studio," with the team backed by an existing 3D printing company that has all the in-house tools needed to get something from the brain/fag packet phase to working 3D prototype level.

The idea is a bit Dragon's Den in concept. Would-be inventors approach Brikstarter with their Kickstarter ideas, with successful pitches rewarded by the Brikstarter team coming onboard to develop, design and prototype the concept, building a web site and producing promotional videos, in return for 10 per cent of the funding raised and a 10 per cent stake in the product or eventual company.

Nick Allen, Brikstarter's founder, says: "The idea is not to make masses of money up front from the projects, but by the end of the year the goal would be to have a 10 per cent stake in 20 different companies. We're like investors, but rather we invest our time, skill and equipment rather than capital into a product." [Brikstarter]