BA Looking at Introducing Limited Mobile Use on Planes

By Gary Cutlack on at

BA boss Willie Walsh has spoken out on the issue on in-flight mobile use, claiming that current UK restrictions are out of step with what's allowed in the US and hinting at possible future changes for us.

Although it seems unlikely we'll see full in-flight calling allowed on BA flights, not due to technical or safety reasons, but more to do with the sheer annoyance of finding yourself stuck next to someone talking non-stop about themselves for a nine-hour transatlantic crossing.

Instead, Walsh seems more keen on softening restrictions when it comes to using phones immediately after landing, in that very boring and annoying taxing-to-a-gradual-standstill phase when everyone's nervously waiting to see who's going to be first to stand up. US carriers allow users to start texting and chatting as soon as the plane touches down, a move Walsh can see being introduced here.

Although Walsh warns that old research found that mobiles can interfere with flight controls in "very, very rare circumstances," so there might be a few additional disclaimers and death waivers to sign when booking mobile-enabled flights in the future. [BBC]