Broken Headphones? Just Print Yourself Up a New Pair

By Sam Scott on at

Headphones are annoyingly prone to twisting and snapping, especially if they're getting crammed into your bag everyday before heading off to work. And when they do break they get chucked, with all the electrical components still perfectly useable inside. Well now you can 3D print a new set with an entry level printer such as the MakerBot 'Replicator' and kit them out for just £10.

Desinger John Mabry from Teague, has has made the 3D data available as a free download on Thingiverse. Once the ten plastic bits are printed, all the electrical parts are simply push-to-fit, so no soldering is needed on your part. You'll have to source the drivers and wires yourself, which will cost approximately £10, but once you do its a case of replacing them individually, rather than binning the whole lot. [Teague via Dvice]

Image credit: Teague

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