Camden Council Member Rightly Proud of Level 85 WoW Undead Warlock

By Gary Cutlack on at

The finance boss of Camden Council leads an extremely glamorous double life, working as a local government pen-pusher during the day, before running home to spend his evenings levelling up his WoW character. The thrills of power, eh?

"I reckon I'm the elected politician in the UK with highest ranked World of Warcraft character," Mr Blackwell told the Camden New Journal, a claim we suspect we're unlikely to see contested. Although, with the recent lifting of the WoW character rating maximum to a new high of 90, courtesy of upgrade pack Mists of Pandaria, there might be better-spec council member out there somewhere.

But we don't really care. This isn't a competition. If you are a local government member with a level 87 Paladin, keep it to yourself. [Camden New Journal via The Register]