Can a Crappy iPhone Instagram Clone Save Olympus?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Presumably still quite troubled camera maker Olympus has got its shit together for long enough to make an iPhone app, with its pretty self-explanatory OLYMPUS Image Share offering out now on iTunes.

The app isn't what you'd call the most innovative thing to have ever emerged from the Olympus labs, giving users the chance to add a few filters to their photographs and share them with others. Although the iOS app does support the FlashAir Wi-Fi-enabled memory card format, which is handy, letting users import photos from a camera to an iPhone or iPad, for easier processing and sharing.

Strip out that innovation, mind, and you're left with a fairly feature-light version of Instagram that we suspect might end 2012 with a Customer Rating count struggling to get into double figures. [iTunes via The Appside]