Can This Girl Find Love on a Coding Website?

By Casey Chan on at

It's not totally unlike online dating but Noriko Higashi, a programmer at a social gaming company, posted a request for a boyfriend on GitHub, the social coding platform, outlining what she wants in a partner. If you can code, you have a chance at love. Bonus points for running your own server.

BetaBeat dug up her 'boyfriend_require' file on GitHub and it's fantastically geeky. Some of her interests are traditional (like wanting to date someone who's good with children and likes to eat vegetables) but it's the nerd requirements that are tickling our cupid arrows. For example:

- Someone who writes beautiful codeā€“it makes me cry tears of joy. (Required)
- Someone who maintains their own server (Required, Linux preferred)
- Someone who will let me help them maintain their own server (Required)
- Someone with public repos on Github (Required)

To be fair, she only asks for access to your servers if you're a fellow programmer or engineer. If you're a civilian, all you have to worry about is not smoking and be able to tolerate social gaming companies like Zynga, GREE, or Mobage. Higashi has 30 preferences in her coding ad for a boyfriend and if you can meet 28 or more, she'd love to hear from you. Check out her full personals ad over at GitHub. [GitHub via BetaBeat, Image Credit: chrisbrignell/Shutterstock]