Can You Do Something Interesting Every 30 Seconds?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Kickstarter project is angling for funds to create a new life-blogging tool, in the form of a wearable camera that'll take a snap of your life every 30 seconds and upload it to a server. Image the pressure that'd create to live an exciting and varied existence.

The idea comes via the Memoto Lifelogging Camera, which would combine a tiny, wearable camera with a smartphone app and an awful lot of server space, to create a "searchable and shareable photographic memory" that automatically uploads and sorts all your images into one, enormous timeline.

The makers already have a working prototype assembled, which combines GPS data with its 5-Megapixel images, with the end result being a tiny little thing that lasts for two days on a single charge. The team is currently ahead of its Kickstarter funding target, so ought to actually make it into some form of production.

Sounds clever, but the provided example image above, of a man being on his computer, makes it appear a bit less compelling. I don't really need 50,000 images of me being on my computer sitting on some cloud server somewhere. [Kickstarter via TUAW]