Caramel Filled Apples Is the Best Thing To Ever Happen To Halloween

By Andrew Liszewski on at

There’s two big problems with the traditional caramel apple. They’re messy to eat, and once the caramel coating is gone you really have no incentive to keep eating the apple. But with the caramel on the inside, it’s a whole new ballgame that will give you a new appreciation for fruit.

The recipe is actually for creating caramel apple jello shots, since the addition of gelatin helps the caramel sauce hold its shape when the cored-out apple’s been sliced up. But if you intend to serve it to kids, you can just leave out the vodka or the bourbon. Sadly, the process does require you to refrigerate the apples for a few hours until the caramel core solidifies, but if you make them before you head to bed tonight you’re guaranteed one amazing and appropriately-themed breakfast come Halloween morning.

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