Check Out the Original Logos From These 10 Brands

By Tom Davenport on at

A picture can paint a thousand words, but a logo only needs to say one. It might take a few decades for these companies to refine their style, but they've come a long way in finding their visual voice.

Looking back, it's interesting how production techniques tend to dictate design choices. Vector graphics were yet to be used outside the military, and logos were going to appear in print rather than beaming retina displays.

Designers apparently favoured serif typefaces, and the limited colour palettes were probably helpful in reducing print costs. Hell, in some cases the design probably worked because it would fit on a rubber stamp.

Earlier in our Design Week we covered a bunch of stunning app icons, and while they were bursting with pixel-perfect detail, this gallery shows that mainstream brands prefer bold, simple designs that prove unforgettable.


Apple Sweetens Up
Batman Hits the Wall
BBC Was a Nuclear Flying Eye
BMW Gets a Polish
McDonald's Fattens Up
Microsoft Recovers From Acid Trip
Pirelli Stretches Itself With Rebrand
Sega: From Ninja to Nostalgia
Shell's Old Logo Was Sh*t
Starbucks Mermaid Puts Her Baps Away

Image Credits: Brand New; Logo Design Love, Sega Retro

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