Count Your Lucky Stars if You Ever Visit These 10 Beautiful Airport Terminals

By Jon Partridge on at

While the weather hasn't been all sunny days and picnics recently, I'm sure many of you would love to jet off to balmier bays, and what better way to start your trip than by checking out some of the most beautiful airports on your way to your destination? Here's 10 of our favourites.


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1.) Barcelona El-Prat Airport, Spain

With the new Terminal 1, designed by Ricardo Bofill, opening in 2009, Barcelona's busy airport was ushered into the modern world with classy, tasteful architecture and refined design. [Flickr]



2.) Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan


Opening up on an artificial island in 1994, Osaka's Kansai International Airport is also home to the longest airport concourse in the world (and the whole place also looks quite pretty too). [Flickr]



3.) Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia

Even sporting a rainforest in the middle of Terminal A, Kuala Lumpur's fantastic airport is a glossy mecca of air-conditioned design that allows more than enough room for the 35 million people to traverse through each year. [Gwoeii /]



4.) Madrid-Barajas Airport, Spain

Spain has not one, but two gorgeous airports, with the Madrid Barajas looking as bright as the cheerful Spanish sun. Terminal 4, designed by Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers, looks positively breathtaking, and will definitely set the mood for your holiday. [Martin Lehmann /]


5.) Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Opened up in 2001 and already voted for seven years running between 2005 and 2012 as the best airport worldwide by the Airports Council International, the Incheon is essentially on the bleeding edge of airports, and well, it looks 'blimmin space-age too. Plus, you can't go wrong with a 16 minute departure time. Heathrow, you hear that? [Flickr]



6.) Marrakech-Menara, Morocco

The original diamond-shapes of Marrakech-Menara's main building still look fantastic today, and are also echoed in the more recent and contemporary terminal that was built in 2008. With a hint of modernism, the Menara just plain looks stunning -- but be careful when sunbathing under that intricate latticework! [Shutterstock]



7.) Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore is known for being an extremely clean country, and well, its airport is equally gorgeous too -- not a sniff of uneaten sandwiches or empty Starbucks cups littering those tiles. Inside, there's a variety of different plants that weave around the interior of the airport. And just look at that ceiling, would you! [Shutterstock]



8.) Beijing International Airport, China

Beijing's Terminal 3 is the latest addition to the international airport, and finished just in time for the Beijing Olympics, it's a testament to the hard-working and modern way China has looked at architecture. [Shutterstock]



9.) Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington's rock-inspired international gate lounge is quite strange-looking, but frankly, I love how it looks. Where the inspiration came from for this design, I'm not quite sure, but I think I wouldn't mind chilling out here waiting for my flight. [flickr]



10.) Lyon-Saint Exupéry, France

Lyon-Saint Exupéry just screams breathtaking classic architecture throughout the whole airport, and the fan-shaped canopy designed by Santiago Calatrava really is the icing on the cake. France, anyone? A Giz UK readers' holiday in France? [Shutterstock]

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