Curiosity Rover Makes the First Foursquare Check-in On Another Planet

By Jon Partridge on at

Sure, while astronaut Doug Wheelock has the first-check in on foursquare from the International Space Station, can he boast the first check-in from another planet? 'Course not, Curiosity has got that one nailed to a tee already, by checking in on the big red planet known as Mars. Take that humans!

NASA has had a strategic partnership with foursquare since 2010, with the aforementioned ISS check-in marking the occasion, but NASA has really stepped up its checking-in game by getting one on a whole other planet. Looks like it definitely won't be long 'til Curiosity is the undisputed mayor of Mars then.

Of course, us paltry Earth citizens will have a little trouble checking-in on another planet, but fellow foursquare users are able to earn a Curiosity-themed badge for visiting locations relating to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This is quite similar to the NASA Explorer badge, which was available to those who checked-in at NASA-related locations across the States at the start of the partnership. The Curiosity badge will be available later this year, and is designed to spark the scientific minds of users by encouraging them to visit science centres, labs and museums.

Curiosity began its planed 23-month long mission last month after touching down at Gale Crater last month, and since then has found and done a few nifty things here and there. From finding a riverbed, utilising its awesome lasers, to examining a pyramid rock and taking some Facebook-style profile pictures too, we can look forward to following the rover's adventures on Mars and seeing where its going to be posting photos and checking in next on foursquare. [foursquare, NASA via Gizmag]