Dances With Nerds: Science Described Through the Medium of Interpretive Dance

By Sam Scott on at

When you simply dont understand your own PhD thesis anymore, a little interpretive dance can really help to clear things up. And if you're as creative as Peter Liddicoat from the University of Sydney, you stand to win a bonus cash prize and the respect of, errr, your peers.

There were 36 entrants to this year's Dance Your Ph.D contest, which asks natural and social science students from all over the world, to communicate their bright ideas through physical expression. Peter Liddicoat's burlesque number, 'The romantic Revolution of Lightness & Strength', makes use of unicycles, juggling, microscopes and a bunch of people holding hands, to represent the atomic structure of the super-alloy, 7000 aluminium.

Here are the runner-ups.


Winner of Social Science


Winner of Physics


Winner of Biology

[YouTube via Daily Mail]

Image credit: Nerd boogie from Shutterstock