David Fincher's Live-Action Halo 4 Launch Trailer Is Truly Epic

By Sam Gibbs on at

Microsoft's really turned up the heat in the marketing department for Halo 4. It got David Fincher -- he of Fight Club -- to produce this truly terrifying, yet awesome launch trailer. The results are epic, I just wish they'd make a whole damn Halo film just like it.

It's the first time we've really had a glimpse into the Master Chief's backstory, and it looks pretty horrifying to be honest. I guess you have to know that he's a cyborg of some type, and that at one stage he would have been purely human. But having all that stuff inserted into you, well, it makes me shudder just thinking about it.

Not long to wait until you can get your mitts on Halo 4 for yourself, if you haven’t already. Roll on November 6th. [YouTube]