Display Shortages Could Result in Limited iPad Mini Stock (and Angry Customers)

By Jon Partridge on at

While we still have a few weeks to wait before we can actually get our hands on an iPad mini, pesky analysts fear it may be quite hard to actually snap one up due to a supply shortage of displays in the 7.9-inch screen market.

DisplaySearch claims that even though Apple has widened its supplier base for the iPad's smaller sibling, a lower yield level has meant that fewer iPad minis are actually being produced.

Display supplier AUO has only managed to ship a paltry 100,000 screens for the mini in September, compared to 300,000 dispatched by LG Display. In the next few months, however, AUO is expected to step up the production to a million units in December, but that's still lagging behind LG Display's three-million in that same month.

Apple's lawsuit-buddy Samsung is also producing displays, and shared duties with LG Display for the previous iPads, however, its production for screens for the mini has been wound down with AUO stepping up instead. It looks like AUO has has some awfully big shoes to fill, especially if they want to match the massive demand that was called upon during the iPad's initial launch.

There might be Christmas brawls after all, just for the sake of a miniature iPad. Lovely. [DisplaySearch via Techradar]