Dixons Online Is Dead

By Sam Gibbs on at

Dixons, the once famous high street electronics retailer that was swallowed up into Currys and PCWorld in DSGi's efforts to save costs, still clung on in there as an online brand for a while. Now even its online presence ceases to be, leaving the Dixons high street name gathering dust just like Woolworths and Radio Rentals before it.

The only remaining presence of Dixons of old will be in the few airport shops that still attempt to entice you into paying through the nose for that emergency charging cable, after you left yours at home. Having said that, DSGi has just rebranded itself Dixons Retail, so at least the name's living on somewhere, I guess, even if it's not strictly a high street shop.

I can't remember the last time I went into a Currys or PCWorld though, so perhaps losing Dixons isn't that big a deal. But it draws a line under one of the original high street retailing gang, and somehow that's still a tad sad. [MarketingWeek]

Image credit: Last Day from Shutterstock