Dyson Accuses Bosch of Paying a Super-Secret Espionage Research Spy

By Jon Partridge on at

Dyson is pointing the finger at rival Bosch, of apparently paying an employee to steal company secrets from inside its research division. Having filed legal proceedings against the German company, Dyson claims that a member of staff was handling secrets to Bosch for as long as two years. Not quite Bond, right?

Dyson reckons that the mole was paid via a specially created business, with secrets spilled over to Bosch's Chinese motor manufacturer. Of course, Dyson is no stranger to having companies rip of their products, and stands firm behind its intellectual property, but this takes things to quite a new level. Tactical espionage action between home hardware manufacturers sure means its serious business, and it's not someone just reverse-engineering their products.

"Dyson has confronted Bosch with evidence of wrongdoing but it has refused to return the technology," the company said. "Nor has it promised not to use the technology for its benefit, forcing Dyson to take legal action."

Bosch Group, on the other hand, maintains its innocence, and proclaims that Dyson had taken on someone who already had a contract with a division of Bosch, specifically, the Lawn and Garden division which deals with garden products; which is quite different to the vacuum and hand dryer secrets that Dyson implies has been breached.

Dyson has not specifically said when the secret laundering took place, nor when it was discovered, and also refused to say how much the leak has cost the company. All we do know, is that this isn't the first time Dyson has taken legal proceedings against one of its competitors in fierce protection of its intellectual property, especially with over 20 design or patent cases currently on the go around the world. Your move, Bosch. [The Guardian]