EA Caught Disgracefully Rehashing and Reselling Last Year's FIFA for Wii

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's always been a bit of running joke to claim game publisher Electronic Arts flogs the same sports games to punters every year, changing the strips a bit and updating the player rotas to earn itself an easy £40. Only this year, that's exactly what it's done with the Wii version of FIFA 13.

FIFA 13 for Nintendo's Wii console shows some remarkable similarities to last year's FIFA 12, with reviewers discovering that FIFA 13 has literally zero new game modes or features not already present in the 2012 version of the code sold to Wii owners last year, apart from the usual updating of kits and, yes, the excitement of doing it all again while listening to a different licensed soundtrack.

The amazing rip-off was exposed by Nintendo Gamer, which has put together a shocking side-by-side gallery confirming that EA is indeed selling literally the exact same game as it did last year, with the same in-game dialogue, character models and menu screens. Utterly shameful, and yet more proof that game publishers think their target audience is a bunch of idiots that only exist to be milked of cash year after year.

And people wonder why the home console industry is in the shit. [Nintendo Gamer via Wired]