EE Admits That Its £36-a-Month 4G Contract Isn't Even Good Enough For Simply Using Maps

By Sam Gibbs on at

When I saw EE was offering a starting data allowance of just 500MB a month for £36 per month, I have to admit, I had a little laugh on the inside. 500MB, that's practically nothing when you're sucking down data at 20Mbit. Now even EE admits its pretty much useless.

An interesting "superfast guide" to EE's new price plans has a nice, simple table that tells you what you can expect from each of its tariffs. The funny thing is, despite having the balls to ask people to fork out £36 a month, EE freely admits that 500MB isn't even enough for using maps, let alone streaming, downloading, tethering, or even Skype. Ouch.

Fair enough, starting your price plans at £36 a month -- that's not too outrageous -- but at least give us 1GB of data with that. Hell, with 4G you'd expect a minimum of 3GB, really. [Twitter]