EE Claims an Unlimited 4G Data Plan Would Just Be Abused

By Jon Partridge on at

EE has been telling us that 500MB is enough, based on their own findings, but the company has also defended its decision to not offer an unlimited plan on its new 4G network, by claiming that it would be pretty much abused. Hmm.

The 4G network provider's Chief Marketing Officer, Pippa Dunn, spoke to TechCrunch, and said that the company didn't feel it was necessary to take the step towards an unlimited data plan, as only "super techies" would want unlimited data and that catering to those would only have forced prices up even more.

She said:

"You've got your super techie people… who would love nothing more than for us to have given unlimited data packages but for the vast majority of the 27 million who are our customers they don't need it. If we'd had to price for allowing all of those techie users to be able to use as much data as they'd want your average consumer would really have suffered."

According to Dunn, on average, customers on Orange and T-Mobile are falling way below their allocations, and by offering an unlimited plan, the company would have attracted people who would abuse the network.

"We don't think [unlimited data is] necessary [for 4GEE]. The only thing that happens when you get an unlimited data plan is you attract the people who cane the network and that's not great for any consumer. There will be customers on our network who are using 50GB of data a month… so you end up with customers who are basically making the service worse for all other consumers."

Of course, some would say what's the point in having a blazing fast network speed if there's no room to make use of it, but she also does raise the point that many users are falling way below their usage anyway. Dunn concedes, however, that data usage on 4G will "probably" be higher than it is on 3G, but doesn't believe it will leap considerably.

“I think customers will find as a result of being able to do things quicker it will be a much more pleasurable experience and they are likely to end up using more data — however I don’t believe that they’re suddenly going to use ten times the amount of data."

Despite the data cap, Dunn has said that EE is considering introducing some larger data add-ons, but of course, those are expected to just add on to the overall large cost of using the 4G network anyway.

How much data do you use? Are you a "super techie"? Would any of you abuse the 4G network, or do you think you'd still cope with a paltry 500MB of data allowance? Shout out below. [TechCrunch via Techradar]

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