Exciting Innovations in Stopping Aeroplanes Getting Blown Out of the Sky

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hitachi, a company we usually associate with cheap TVs from Argos, has come up with a new kind of airport boarding gate, which can detect explosives in seconds without any embarrassing naked scanning or overly invasive finger work from border police.

The detector analyses minute particles which have worked their way onto the boarding passes of passengers, and are supposed to be able to detect the teeny-tiny amounts of explosive residue someone might have on their fingers should they have just stuffed a bomb up their bottoms and not washed their hands thoroughly afterwards.

The development won't just be confined to airport channels, as the simple approach of just having someone wave a card at a scanner means it could be adapted to detect bombs being carted through any form of public transport. Japanese authorities have already authorised pilot tests of the sensing tech, which will shortly take place in the country's transport network. [Far East Gizmos]