Facebook's Sharing Your "Like" Actions With the Money Men

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook is playing fast and loose with our personal opinions nowadays, apparently sharing our "like" data with certain advertisers so they can more accurately gauge if you'd rather see adverts for sweets or mature dating when browsing the site.

According to Ad Week, one of Facebook's many new money-making ideas involves giving key advertisers access to your other likes, so if, for example, you've previously liked the official page for Vodafone, the mobile network's ad people may be able to see what other brands and TV shows you like, enabling them to tailor their ad creation and serving accordingly.

Facebook itself commented on the rumour, sort of denying it, but also sort of confirming it, saying: "To help marketers build better campaigns, Facebook offers aggregated insights to managed clients that help them understand trends about their fan bases. These tools do not provide marketers with any data about their competitors' fan bases. As always, Facebook does not share user-specific data with advertisers." [AdWeek via SMH]