Famous Paintings Without People

By Jesus Diaz on at

Hungarian student Bence Hajdu had a seemingly obvious genius idea: take the people out of famous paintings. This is Leonardo da Vinci's famous Last Supper, right after Jesus and his disciples left to have some drinks at some bar around the corner.

Here's what he has to say:

I am a student at the University of Fine Arts in Hungary. at one of the descriptive geometry classes we had a task to find and draw the perspective and horizon lines of renaissance and other pictures with significant perspective space. I thought it is not that interesting to just draw lines, so I decided to erase all the characters from them and examine how the painter really created the perspective space and how it actually looks.

I saw this could be something exciting and continued thinking and working on it. after a while I found myself interested in the new atmosphere and the new thoughts the retouched pieces generated without their main subjects.

We are glad you did, Bence. In fact, I wish there were a lot more of these. Check out his... [Facebook page and Behance page via Design Boom]

Da Vinci's The Last Supper

Famous Painting Without People

David's Oath of Horatii

Famous Painting Without People

Lorrain's Seaport with the Embarkation of St. Ursula

Famous Painting Without People

Botticelli's Annunciation

Famous Painting Without People

Mantegan's Oculus in the Camera Degli Sposi

Famous Painting Without People

Fra Angelico's The Annunciation

Famous Painting Without People