Finally, Dyson's Solved the Problem of Disgusting Hair Blockage

By Sam Gibbs on at

After some 187 prototypes, Dyson looks like it's finally solved the issue of hair stuffing up your vacuum cleaner with its ingenious tangle-free Turbine tool. No longer will you have to bend over and heave balls of manky hair from your sodding nozzle.

Basically, the problem is traditional rotating brushes work great until hair wraps around the shaft and stops them dead. If you've ever hoovered your place, and had pets or people with long hair in your humble abode, you'll know the pain.

What Dyson engineers essentially did was create two rotating discs instead of a brush bar, which, together, funnel the hair straight up the spout to be sucked away. It sounds simple, but according to the video above it really wasn't -- anything that takes that many prototypes can't have been that easy.

Anyway, the tool is now available for most Dyson cleaners, but like everything else Dyson, it won't come cheap. 45-smackers will have to be coughed up should you want to rid your gaff of hair in style. Ouch. Now, if Dyson would like to make a robotic vacuum cleaner that'd deal with everything including polishing the worksurface, I'd buy it, no matter how much it cost.