Five of the Best-of-British Sat Nav Voices Going

By Sam Scott on at

With in-car sat navs these days, we forget the dangers of rummaging through a ripped and soiled A-to-Z with one hand, while changing lanes with the other. These days Britain's drivers can choose to be guided through life's twists and roundabouts by their favourite celebrities and fictional characters.

And yes, we Britons are quite fond of our American imports; Snoop Dogg and Yosemite Sam have, no doubt, done many, many rings around the M25. While Darth Vader, Mr Burns and Burt Reylonds are all top blokes for sure, but when you're bombing around the Scottish highlands, wouldn't you rather have Billy Connolly by your side?

Here’s our top five, 'Best of British' TomTom voices for those of you who like keeping it native.


Brian Blessed

Yes, the big man himself will brag endlessly before randomly informing you that you've taken the wrong turn and calling you a "steaming pillock" with absolute conviction. You'll try not to take it to heart, but you, of course, will, because Brain Blessed said it.


Roger Moore

Your second hand Fiesta will purr like an Aston Martin once the international man of mystery puts an end to your confusion, all while disarming your road rage with his wit and debonaire charm.

[£7.95 from TomTom]


John Cleese

We can only hope that Cleese takes driving more seriously than he does, err, walking.

[£6.95 from TomTom]


Stephen Fry

Fry has excellent credentials for this trade. Not only is he well travelled, he also narrated the Harry Potter audiobooks. If his idiosyncratic ramblings and nuggets of worldly wisdom don't keep you entertained, they will keep you awake.

[£7.95 from TomTom]


Billy Connolly

This is a family friendly product, so a somewhat adulterated Billy promises to "keep you safe", while providing a few wry laughs along the way.

[£7.95 from TomTom]

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